Development of a corporate identity for SEF bank and UI ribbon on Behance

Hi everyone! AZ Agency is here and we have some exciting news to share.

Today we will share with you our new project of development a corporate identity for the SEF online bank, which we created together with the krechet studio. The most important thing is that the case has already received the UI Behance ribbon! Congratulate us with a clap 🔥🔥

SEF project

SEF is the next generation of universal banking. The company helps people securely monitor their savings online around the world. The bank’s focus is on fast technical support 24/7 anywhere in the world and on modern technologies to ensure the security of data storage.

Special attention is also paid to a wide range of products and services: from free transfers to crypto-currency and insurance, and in addition to the opportunity for all clients to become part of ecosystem restoration programs.

Therefore, the SEF project is about the idea of ​​a modern, stylish and safe bank that is convenient to use anywhere in the world.


The name of the SEF bank is derived from the phrase “a secure future”, which is revealed as an abbreviation: Safety. Efficiency. Future, which supports the bank’s ideology: “we keep up with the times and keep your money safe.”

Ideas and images

As a result of the development of the reference board, certain ideas and images were identified, which in further development became key in conveying the bank’s values ​​through design.

The main image is a closed cubic space — a safe, consonant with the name of the bank — the cells of which can rotate, offering solutions for individual users and businesses.

We also place the content inside a closed composition within the format. In addition, we highlight and emphasize the main thoughts, thereby supporting the client, being a support for him and helping him find what is important.

We show development in the font, the desire for something new and technological (since this is an online bank without the usual offices).

Working on soft edges, as well as muted accent shades, will help the corporate style look more friendly and “own”.


When developing the logo, we focused primarily on its modernity, relevance and ease of further scaling.

The logo consists of the name of the bank “SEF” and as an addition the abbreviation is used: Safety. Efficiency. Future.

Visual solutions

A visual style was developed for the company — mature, calm and professional. We used several solutions in the identity. For example, AI-generated images of glass transparent coins — this made it possible to add delicacy, manufacturability and indicate the transparency of the company’s complex processes.
UI explainers have been developed for product communications. These are sets of blocks that help you visually tell about cases of using products in different life situations, using fragments of the product. Clear rules for developing layouts create a more consistent brand image.

Scaling of corporate identity

For this project, media of different formats were developed, including both physical and digital, despite the fact that the bank operates only online.

Let’s look at all the media we’ve scaled the corporate identity to.

Cards, cardholders and card packaging:

The development of these media has become one of the most interesting, since this format is rarely encountered when developing a corporate identity.


When developing this media, we proposed 5 options that will be relevant for use for a very long time.


The use of street billboards is still relevant for advertising and company recognition. We have developed 2 layout options for the billboard.

Website page design

Your own website is the most important tool for development, promotion and market presence for a company.

Online banking application

The application interface should be convenient, intuitive, but at the same time preserve the brand identity, and here is our solution:

Visual for social networks

Nowadays, it is especially important for online banks to be in the information field of social networks and share news with their users.

In conclusion

As a result, we have developed a SEF corporate identity that conveys through design the company’s values ​​such as safety, modernity and innovation.

Share your impressions of the project in the comments and stay with us, we will soon talk about other interesting projects ❤️